Week 9: Falling Springs (Shorts)

Course Rules


OB is one penalty stroke and lie is from where the disc was last in bounds. You may take 1 meter of relief from the OB line, and no part of your body may be touching OB when you throw a shot.

Hole 1: Fence left/long, OB.

Hole 2: Fence right, OB.

Hole 3: Completely surrounded by or over water right, OB.

Hole 4: Island Green, anything in the tall grass circle around the basket is OB.

Hole 5: None.

Hole 6: None.

Hole 7: Completely surrounded by or over water left and beyond basket, OB. Advance to DZ to right of basket for creek OB shots. Fenced area, OB.

Hole 8: Inside fenced areas, OB. Fence behind basket, OB

Hole 9: Mando Right. DZ for missed mando is the short tee.

Hole 10: None.

Hole 11: None.

Hole 12: Over fence long, in pond left, OB.

Hole 13: In Pond, OB, re-tee.

Hole 14: Over fence left, OB.

Hole 15: Over fence left, OB.

Hole 16: Inside fenced areas, OB.

Hole 17: Over fence right, OB.

Hole 18: Over fences, OB.