Week 8: Veterans Park

Course Rules

General Notes:

A disc must be completely surrounded by water for it to be OB in a creek. If it is on a creek bank, you may take 1 meter of casual relief from the bank. If it is on a rock in the middle of a creek, even if the disc is dry, it is surrounded by water and therefore is OB.

Hole 1. Road to left, OB

Hole 2. Fence on left, Path on right, Creek way long at bottom of hill, road long, OB

Hole 3. Creek behind basket, Road on right, OB

Hole 4. None.

Hole 5. Creek on left, OB.

Hole 6. Creek on left, OB. Drop zone (for the first time in the creek only) is concrete pad near the Tire Stairs. If you end up in the creek a second time, play from where the disc went OB. A spotter is recommended on this hole to minimize lost discs.

Hole 7. Walking Path to left, dog park fence to right, OB

Hole 8. Creek to the left, OB

Hole 9. None. Take caution when you go left to next tee pad; you walk across 17’s fairway to get there.

Hole 10. Baseball field to right, walking path far behind basket, OB

Hole 11. Walking path left, baseball field right, OB

Hole 12. None.

Hole 13. None. The brush to the right of the tee pad is full of thorns. A spotter is recommended on this hole to minimize lost discs.

Hole 14. None.

Hole 15. None. The creek bed is casual unless you go way past the basket into the creek proper.

Hole 16. None.

Hole 17. None.

Hole 18. None.