Week 12: Cave Run

Course Rules


*The front 9 and back 9 were switched about 6 months ago. Hole 1 is in the woods, not the tee pad right by the parking lot. UDisc is very helpful finding it.

Hole 1. No OB

Hole 2. No OB

Hole 3. No OB

Hole 4. Play short tee pad, OB on or over road past basket

Hole 5. No OB

Hole 6. No OB

Hole 7. No OB

Hole 8. Play tee pad on right, No OB

Hole 9. OB on or over road on the right, on or over parking lot past basket

Hole 10. OB on or over sidewalk on the left, past basket

Hole 11. OB on or over sidewalk on the left

Hole 12. OB surrounded by water in the creek on left

Hole 13. No OB

Hole 14. No OB

Hole 15. No OB

Hole 16. No OB

Hole 17. No OB

Hole 18. OB on or over gravel road past basket and to the right