Week 1: Riney B

Course Rules

General notes – Unless otherwise noted, in creeks, the disc must be surrounded by water to be OB, or on the far side of the creek bank and outward from the fairway.

Take relief from the top of the creek bank if on the inside bank of the creek but not surrounded by water. OB Drops are from the same location as relief.

Hole 1: Creek left, parking lot right, OB
Hole 2: Creek left, OB
Hole 3: None
Hole 4: None
Hole 5: None
Hole 6: Creek right, OB
Hole 7: Creek between pad and basket, OB & Bridge is OB
Hole 8: None
Hole 9: Creek left, OB. Any standing water is casual
Hole 10: None
Hole 11: Creek left, OB
Hole 12: On or over path left, OB
Hole 13: On or over path left, OB
Hole 14: On or over path left, OB
Hole 15: None
Hole 16: Throw from the pad on the left
Hole 17: Over fence on left, OB
Hole 18: Mando Tree, Mando right.**
**Drop zone for missing the mando is the pad on the right side of the fairway closer to the basket. Over fence, on curb or parking lot left, OB. No drop zone for OB