Playoff Week 1: Ironworks

Course Rules

General Notes:

There are mandatory lines (mandos) on this course, clearly marked by signage. There are all in play. Noted below is the directoin you must throw in relation to the mandatory object. If you miss a mando, you will take a one stroke penalty, and play from either a) the marked drop zone or b) your previous lie.

In General - On or Over Road is considered OB. I'll try to spell it out. Sometimes it says NO OB, but please use common sense on the roads on shanked throws being out of bounds. Every hole in the world "technically" has out of bounds.

Hole 1. None

Hole 2. Fence on left and beyond, OB

Hole 3. Fence on right and beyond, OB

Hole 4. Fence on right and beyond, OB

Hole 5. In pond behind basket (completely surrounded by water) OB

Hole 6. None

Hole 7. In pond on left (completely surrounded by water) OB

Hole 8. If basket is in short position, none. If basket is in long position, mandatory right of giant marked tree

Hole 9. Road on right, OB

Hole 10. Fence on right, OB. Creek behind basket is casual.

Hole 11. None

Hole 12. None

Hole 13. Fence beyond basket, OB

Hole 14. Mandatory tree, mando right. There is a drop zone marked that you may use if you miss mando. Creek is CASUAL

Hole 15. Road right, OB

Hole 16. Road right and beyond, OB

Hole 17. Road right and beyond, OB

Hole 18. Road left, fence right, OB. OB teeshots, proceed to drop zone. All other OB shots, play from where your disc left play, to the best judgement of you and your card. Drainage creek is CASUAL